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A memory of the heavy snow in February, 2018




Fortunately we have few snow this winter in Fukui so far. But February comes soon, which reminds me of the heavy snow a year ago.


The picture above was taken from my car that was stuck in a traffic congestion at 13:18 on the February 6th, when I was on my way home because our company instructed all employees to go home at 12:00.


After this, I could go home safely in 4 hours though it usually takes 20 minutes. But around the same time, National Route 8, which crosses this road a little ahead, had been in serious trouble.


More than 1,000 vehicles could not move and Fukui Prefecture asked the Self-Defense Forces for help at 14:00, and it took whole two days until the road situation was relieved.


I often drive National Route 8, and it was a mere coincidence that I did not use the road that day.