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Japanese New Year's Market in Katsuyama City

poster of Japanese New Year's Market in Katsuyama City

"Toshino-ichi", the Katsuyama New Year's market has been held annually for 300 years in Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture. It will be held on January 27th this year. Woodworks and many other local products can be seen at the event, and some of them are purchasable. Many visitors enjoy it every year.


making buckwheat noodles

There are things and events that we can't usually see or experience such as the auction for local handmade products, the master in the village making things, making buckwheat noodles experience, buying handmade lucky charms and local foods, playing the Japanese lottery called "Garapon", etc. While enjoying these things, there are also many food stands that sell Japanese festive foods. My favorite ones are baby castella mini cakes and Takoyaki (ball-shaped version of crepes).


This is a video of the auction at the town market that was taken in 2016. A lucky charm that is well worth 10,000yen was put up for sale at the auction. As the price went up, visitors started raising their hands for their desired prices.



Other products were put up as well and the auction was becoming exciting and fun more and more.