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Confectionery in shape of an ogre's face




This is a Japanese confection called "Wagashi" in shape of the face of "Oni", the Japanese ogre. It's made of sweetened bean paste, and about 1.5inches in diameter.


It's a confectionery for "Setsubun", the 3rd day of February. The literal meaning of the word Setsubun is "division of the seasons", and it especially refers to the day before the beginning of Spring. The Japanese traditional confectionary shops usually seem to be in "Setsubun" mode in the latter half of January.


This "Oni" is like a demon in Japan, but it is not always only strong or scary but sometimes kind, cute, or a little funny. This ogre of sweets will also show various expressions with a hand technique of the maker.


It's fun to imagine what kind of facial expressions of ogre are lined up at the confectionary shops in Japan.