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Echizen Coast Suisen (daffodil) Festival 2019 in Fukui


Places to visit

There are many places to visit and things to do in Fukui throughout the year.

In winter, eating crabs and going to hot spring are my favorite things to do.

There is another thing that is enjoyable during winter in Fukui is

"Echizen Coast Suisen (daffodil) Festival".


Today, I would like to introduce the festival and the area that has the beautiful daffodils.


Suisen Land

Photograph: Fukui Tourism Guide

Suisen Land


The Echizen coast of Fukui Prefecture is known as one of

the three great Japanese daffodil fields. From around December to March,

about 15 million daffodils bloom at Echizen Suisen Land.

At the Echizen Suisen Land, visitors can enjoy seeing not only the flowers,

but also the amazing views of the Sea of Japan and the lighthouse at the same time.

It is very soothing to take a walk around the Echizen coast being surrounded

by the sweet smell of the flowers.



suisei festival

There are events held during the daffodils season in Fukui.

Aranami Festa

Date: January 12th and 13th

Place: Kono Seaside Park in Minami Echizen-cho


Suisen and Kani (crab) Fair

Date: January 19th and 20th

Place: Michi no Eki Echizen in Echizen-cho


Exhibition of Suisen flower arrangement

Date: January 18th~21st

Place:Fukui Shimbun Kaze no Mori Hall


If you have a chance to visit Fukui during the daffodil season,

how about visiting he Echizen Suisen Land and or the events of the flowers?




I would like to share a video of Mr. Fumio Takeuchi's Echizen suisen Secchuka 4K aerial photography. Enjoy!