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Shibata-jinja Shrine and the chains of Funabashi


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I visited the Shibata-jinja Shrine for my New Year's prayers. The Shibata-jinja Shrine is about three-minute walk from Fukui Station, which is conveniently located. The Shibata-jinja Shrine enshrines a Japanese military commander in the period of warring state, Katsuie Shibata and his wife, Oichi, who resided in Fukui. So the shrine has a deep involvement in Fukui's history.


After his castle fell in 1583, the retainers of the time built a stone shrine at the castle tower site and enshrined the spirit of Katsuie. And in the Meiji Period, the stone shrine became an official shrine and it was the beginning of the Shibta-jinja Shrine.


In the precinct, there are statues of Katsuie, his wife Oichi and her three daughters, so people visit the shrine as one for bond with the divine virtues such as a bond of married couples, brothers and sisters and family.


Also, the chains of Funabashi, which were used for a bridge over the river, introduced on our website GEN, are exhibited in the neighboring museum. I was surprised that they were bigger and heavier than I expected. The museum is admission free and it has a resting space and the restroom. When you come to Fukui, please drop by. (H.S)


"Goshuin" (stamp given at shrines or temples) of the Shibata-jinja Shrine


The Oichi's statue stands quietly in the precinct. (Photo is from the shrine's website)


Description of the chains of Funabashi


Picture of the chains of Funabashi


The actual chains of Funabashi


Here is the video that the local people mentioned about the chains of Funabashi.