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Photo exhibition of Mitsuaki Iwago "Kyoto for cats"



During the New Year's holidays, I went to see the photo exhibition of Mitsuaki Iwago "Kyoto for cats."


Iwago kept visiting Kyoto throughout the year to take photos of cats and he met many cats.
In particular, many photos of a male cat, Yoshitsune, who lives with a 91-year-old man in a thatched house in Miyama Town, were displayed. Iwago says that the man and the cat have a strong bond transcending the species barrier. He also says that if the people living there enjoy a comfortable life, the cats there also look comfortable. That means, in a town that people are happy, the cats must be happy, too.


By the way, the title of the exhibition is "Kyoto for cats" and not "Cats in Kyoto". In other words, it means photos of Kyoto through the cats and not cats who live in Kyoto. Iwago says, "For example, it seems that when I see lions, I can see a savanna." So he sticked with the title "Kyoto for cats." (H.S)


A black cat, Kurobei, walks on the red fallen leaves.


A cat, Buru, lives in a geisha house in Miyagawa-cho, Gion.


Buru plays with a young geisha.


The 91-year-old man and the cat, Yoshitsune, on the veranda


Stone beckoning cat and a real one beckons.