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Do you have any plans for the New Year holidays? -Come Visit Fukui!-


Places to visit

What are you going to do during the New Year holidays?
You might be planning to do house work, be hospitable to your family members and/or friends who visit your house, do nothing but eat and sleep, enjoy watching movies, read books, study, visit your parents' house, have fun with your friends, etc.


Some of you might be planning to travel around.


crab and other seafoods on the rice

If you are in Japan and want to travel around, I recommend you to visit Fukui. As we've introduced on our website "GEN" that there are many things that are enjoyable in Fukui throughout the year. Of course, it is great to be in Fukui during winter as well because there are amazing crabs to eat, hot springs to relax and feel warm, ocean to see and feel soothed, temples to visit and feel at peace, etc.


Moreover, we have snow in winter, temples and ocean look amazing with the snow.


the japan sea in winter

A friend of mine from other prefecture visited Fukui last winter, and she was impressed by the ocean with strong waves.


This is the video that was provided by Fukui Prefecture, "Letter of the Fortune: Fukui, home for happiness to come." The great places to visit, the amazing foods to eat, interesting things to do in Fukui are introduced in the video. Enjoy!




As you can see, Fukui is a fascinating place to visit. If you are in Japan and haven't made a plan yet for the New Year holidays, how about visiting Fukui? I'm sure you will have a great time!