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Imaginary Fukui City's subway


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It was introduced in the Fukui Shimbun newspaper the other day: A university student from Echizen City created an imaginary Fukui City Transportation Bureau and released its subway map. It "operates" the subway lines every day.



Of course, there are no subway lines in Fukui City now, and I have never heard that they would be constructed in the future. But I admire such an idea with dreams.


When I looked at the subway map, I was glad to find a station near my house. I think that Shinkansen is certainly necessary, but subways are closely related to the daily lives of the local people, so if there are, they help the people a lot. As well as during winter with much snow,
in the hot summer sun or the rain, you don't have to wait a bus outside. They also are useful for people who don't drive. And elderly people may not feel hesitant to return their driver licenses. (H.S)


Here is a video of the "Fukui City Transportation Bureau". (2'20")
Fukui City Subway Lines   Fukui Station   Owada Line