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There is nothing I cannot do. There is no way I can do it without doing it.


JETS and Grace JETS

Carnegie Hall and Carnegie Hall Tower( Carnegie Hall - Wikipedia


Tomorrow, December 26th, Fukui Commercial High School Cheerleader Club JETS performs at Carnegie Hall.


JETS is a team formed with the aim of winning the NDA (National Dance Alliance) competition. Indeed, America is synonymous with JETS, and I hear that many students who enter JETS have been dreamed of 'National championship in America'. However, this year, the recommendation system of NDA for the Japanese high school teams has quitted and the dream has ended.


But when I saw Ms. Igarashi, the teacher in charge of the club, at the All Japan Competition last year, she said "I am going to take them to the United States somehow." As the new year came, hearing that JETS won another competition held in Las Vegas, I remembered her words. And recently, I felt astonished again at their new departure.


When I took a video of practice scenes in November, I saw Ms. Igarashi reading notebooks stacked on the desk at a corner of the gym. The notebook should be the "Dream Note" of each member . And I'm sure that the dream of dancing in the United States is written in each of them. I was touched by the teacher who took their dreams and realized the dreams.


By the way, the motto of her was introduced on a TV program of NHK World last year.
"There is nothing I cannot do. There is no way I can do it without doing it."
I posted the words on the wall this year.


JETS practicing at the gymnasium of Fukui Commercial High School (taken in November)