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Eiheiji Temple and the "5 lucky paintings"


Places to visit

eiheiji temple and its stairs
eiheiji temple and its stairs

I visited Eiheji Temple in Fukui Prefecture.



eiheiji garden

We've visited there and introduced the temple several times.



paitings on the ceiling

Today, I'd like to introduce the 5 lucky paintings on the ceiling in one of the rooms called "Sansho-kaku" in the Eiheiji Temple. In the room, there are 230 paintings on the ceiling and they make the visitors impressed.


The paintings are painted by 144 great painters. One of them is a father of a famous actress in Japan, Yukiji Asaoka.


The 5 lucky paitings

It is said that if you find 5 of the 230 paintings; a squirrel, the Chinese-style figure of a blue lion, the Chinese-style figure of a white lion, two white carps, and a black carp, your wish might come true.


It is fun to enjoy looking at all the beautiful paintings on the ceiling and looking for the 5 special ones. It might help you to make your wish come true.


I'd like to share the video that introduces the words of Dogen Zenji (19 January 1200-22 September 1253), a Japanese Buddhist priest, writer, poet, philosopher, and the founder of the Soto school of Zen in Japan. His words are very meaningful. Before the new year starts, it might be a good thing to think about things in your life with his words.