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The autumn leaves at Bishamon-do Temple in Kyoto


Kyoto and Nara

After I enjoyed the afternoon tea at Chorakukan, I went to Bishamon-do Temple in Yamashina Ward, Kyoto City.


In Kyoto, it was a bit too early to view autumn leaves. Even so, I wanted to avoid crowded spots and I visited a little-known temple.


The Bishamon-do Temple is about twenty minutes walk from Yamashina Station. It was a sloping road from halfway, so it was a bit hard to walk. After walking through a resident area, passing by a canal and you will see the front approach of the Bishamon-do Temple.


The Bishamon-do Temple is well-known for its cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.
Also, there is plenty to see such as the sliding screen paintings, the ceiling painting
and the wooden screen painting by Okyo Maruyama. It was good that the priest of the temple showed us around and explained them.


Yamashina is a short distance away from the center of Kyoto City and there are not so many tourists. There are several famous spots to see cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. If you want to avoid congestion, Yamashina is recommended. (H.S)


The autumn leaves in the garden


The autumn leaves in front of Benzaiten


The site of a well and the autumn leaves


Looking down at the steep stone steps from Niomon Gate


The carpet of fallen maple leaves is famous and has used for a Japan Railway's commercial.
I couldn't see this but it can be seen now.
(This photo is from Bishamon-do Facebook page)


I got a "Goshuin" (stamps given at shrines or temples) with a maple leaf pattern.