Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui



Peaceful farm road in Awara City, Fukui Prefecture


Charms of Japan

beautiful sky

I took a walk along a farm road in Awara City.



farm road that is about 20 minutes away from JR Awara Station in Fukui Prefecture

It was a twenty minute train ride from Fukui to Awara. From the Awara Station,

it was a walk of approximately twenty minutes to the farm area. Since it's not so far

from Fukui City, so it was a nice day trip.



rice fields and moutains

Fukui City is surrounded by beautiful nature and the farm road I went

had so much more nature than it does in the Fukui City and it was refreshing to see it.



flowers and Japanese pampas grasses moving gently in the breeze

It was in the beginning of autumn and such a beautiful day. It was soothing to see some

flowers and Japanese pampas grasses moving gently in the breeze. I saw rows of beautiful

mountains over these flowers and grasses. The area was very quiet but it was nice to

hear bell-ringing crickets, the sound of a few cars passing by and the distant sound of

trains running. I felt nostalgic seeing the scenery and hearing these sounds.



persimmon farm
persimmon farm

I saw large persimmon farms. There were many ripe persimmons that were ready

to be shipped out to the whole country.



a farm road surrounded by mountains

If you have a chance, how about taking a walk around one of farm roads near you?

I'm sure you can feel relaxed.