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Book recommended by Ms. Igarashi, the head coach of JETS, Fukui Commercial High School Cheerleader Club



This is the book "Technique to unify team mind" , which she showed me at the practice place of JETS.
Lower left hand is Ms. Igarashi's.


When I visited the practice place of JETS, Ms.Igarashi recommended the book "Technique to unify team mind" to me. JETS is a well-known cheerleader club of Fukui Commercial High School, and Ms. Igarashi is the head coach of the club.
Not only did she and JETS members read it, but they also participated in a workshop by its author, Mr. Yusuke Murata.
I think Ms. Igarashi herself could write a book about teamwork because she's already had enough achievements.
At any rate, I was impressed with a glimpse of her efforts.
So I ordered the book immediately after I got home and received it yesterday.


The figure of teamwork pyramid was put on the wall in the practice place.