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Afternoon tea at Chorakukan in Kyoto City


Kyoto and Nara

I went to the Chorakukan to enjoy afternoon tea after Kyoto Sate Guest House, where I posted about it on our blog the other day.


The Chorakukan was built by a businessman Kichibe Murai in 1909 as a guest house for guests from home and abroad. The building and its household equipments are designated as a tangible cultural asset by Kyoto City. Currently, it is used as a restaurant, cafe, hotel and a place for wedding.


The afternoon tea starts with sparkling wine. You can choose soft drinks. And, you have various choices for tea. I chose Dimbula, which is Sri Lankan tea. It has a mild flavor and I enjoyed the true taste of tea.


You can have a quiet moment as if times stands still, which is completely different from gaiety in Maruyama Park and the adjacent Yasaka-jinja Shrine. The Afternoon tea is so popular, so you should make a reservation in advance. (H.S)


The historical appearance of the Chorakukan


Inside the cafe


Afternoon tea set: Cooked sweets, fruits, scones, herb sticks with duck meat, sandwiches etc.


Lovely tea pots


There are several such rooms on the second floor.


A photo taken from the landing