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Lake Manahime-ko in the early morning, Ono City, Fukui Prefecture


Places to visit

Lake Manahime-ko

Statue of Princess Manahime

Managawa Dam

National Route 157


Early in the morning of last Tuesday, I was driving National Route 157 towards Nukumi Pass at the border between Fukui Prefecture and Gifu Prefecture. After a while, I stopped the car near Managawa Dam, where I thought that it was beautiful scenery.


A golden statue of Princess Manahime stands there. And it looked like a mysterious scenery suitable for the legend of the princess, with the morning haze over the lake in the background.


By the way, as this road goes further, its width suddenly becomes narrower and there are several points along a cliff. But at least until around Sasogawa Dam upstream of the Managawa Dam, there is no problem. It is a nice drive way that you can enjoy the scenery.