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The movie "Echitetsu Monogatari" (Echizen Railway Story)



a pamphlet of the movie

On November 23rd, the movie ”Echitetsu Monogatari” (Echizen Railway Story)

(the website is only available in Japanese) will finally be released throughout Japan.

The movie is about the local train line in Fukui, "Echizen Railway" and its kind attendants.

On the 23rd, the main actress Natsuko Yokozawa, the actor Naoto Ogata and the producer of

the movie Yoshihisa Kodama will give speeches at Yurakuza Subaru movie theater in Tokyo.

*The speeches will be given after the movie that will starts at 11:35 ends.


You can check the movie theaters that show the ”Echitetsu Monogatari” from here.

(the website is only available in Japanese)


The movie was released on November 3rd in Fukui Prefecture before its nationwide release, so I went to a theater to check it.


It was great to see the amazing scenery of Fukui, the nice local people, Echizen Railway and its attendants on the large screen. They all looked familiar to me because I was born and raised in Fukui. It was also impressive to see the actress/comedian, Natsuko Yokozawa's heartfelt acting with her cheerful smiles.



an attendant on one of the trains of Echizen Railway

The attendants on the trains of Echizen Railway, they sell tickets, tell them how to get to

their destination if they need and show them recommended local attractions.

They are kind and friendly, so I always feel comfortable asking them questions.


the scenery that can be seen from the window of the train of Echizen Railway
scenery that can be viewed from a train of Echizen Railway

It is very soothing and refreshing to see the Japanese houses, beautiful sky, large rice fields, mountains and rivers from the train.



If you have a chance to see the movie "Echitetsu Monogatari" (Echizen Railway Story)

(the website is only available in Japanese) and ride the train, enjoy seeing the great scenery of Fukui, and interacting with the nice local people and the wonderful attendants.