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Kyoto State Guest House


Kyoto and Nara

The other day, I went to the Kyoto State Guest House , where I always wanted to visit.


The Kyoto State Guest House was built in 2005 as facilities to welcome distinguished guests from all over the world and allow them to deepen their understanding of, and cultivate friendly relation with, Japan in Kyoto, which symbolizes Japan's history and culture.


From September, advance reservations for individuals will be no longer required. So now you can always visit there. However, please check the website before you visit because when they receive guests from abroad, the scheduled public opening is going to be suspended. (H.S)


Tapestry of Kyoto Mountain, which was woven using polychrome tapestry technique and portrayed the sun setting behind Mt. Atago, a peak to Kyoto's west.


Tea utensils and a gilded folding screen


In the garden pond, an evergreen plant called "nebikigusa" is planted to suggest a rice paddy.


Table setting in the banquet room


The water in the garden pond is very clear. The pond is stocked with varicolored carp.


A traditional boat. Dignitaries from overseas can enjoy boating on the pond.


In Novemeber 2011, the king and queen of Bhutan visited there and enjoyed boating.