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Shape of buckwheat berry


Random thoughts

Mt.Somugiyama in the center, from the summit of Mt.Nogo-Hakusan


Yesterday, I noted a nearby mountain at the summit of Mt.Nogo-Hakusan and found out the mountain was "Mt.Somugiyama (mountain in the shape of buchwheat berry)". I'm sure they compare the prominent shape of that mountain to the triangular shape of buckwheat berry.


I have seen this characteristic triangle berry in cookings recently. I never eat buckwheat noodles because I am allergic to buckwheat. And I'm afraid that buckwheat flour is used for cookings or sweets, so I check with salespersons or avoid eating if in doubt. If buckwheat berry is served in the triangular shape, it is easy to find but if it is crushed, it is hard to find.


I sometimes feel troubled when there is no description of ingredients or explanation in advance about food. For me, trips to local areas famous for buckwheat are like walking in a minefield.