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500 Years Old Samurai (Japanese Warrior) House -Oldest Samurai House in Fukui-


Places to visit

I visited "Senko-no-ie" the oldest samurai (Japanese warrior) house

in Takeda district, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture.



beautiful day around the Senko-no-Ie which is sorrounded by rich nature
in front of the Senko-no-Ie

The area where the house is located is surrounded by rich nature.

It was very soothing just to walk around in the area.



around the Senko-no-Ie, Japanese pampas grasses were constantly moving gently in the breeze

When I visited, it was in the beginning of autumn and the weather was very nice.

Japanese pampas grasses were constantly moving gently in the breeze.

I felt "fuzei" from the scenery. Encyclopedia JAPAN says that the Japanese word

"fuzei is one of the aesthetic feelings which have existed from ancient times in Japan".



500years old house, the house of Samurai, Senko-no-Ie

As I walked into the grounds of the house, a big old house caught my eyes.

This is the residence of Tsubokawa's that is about 500 years old.

It is believed that the Tsubokawa family was founded in the 13th century

by Sadasumi Tsubokawa who was a high-ranking samurai.

In 1966, the national government designated the house

as an Important National Cultural Asset.


During winter, we have a lot of snow in this area (Takeda district in Fukui Prefecture).

It is unbelievable to see that the house is still here without missing parts or anything,

even the house must have had so much snow in 500 years.



a family is having lunch by the irori fireplace

It is enjoyable to eat by the irori fireplace feeling nice and warm.



a cafe near by the Senko-no-Ie
inside of the cafe

Besides eating by the irori fireplace, there's a cozy cafe right by the Senko-no Ie.

Noodles, light meals, coffee, tea, etc., are served.

If you have a chance to visit Fukui, how about visiting "Senko-no-ie"?

I'm sure you have such a soothing and beautiful experience there.




*You need advance reservation for meals/drinks.

Senko Cafe(website is only available in Japanese)

*Reservation is requested no later than one week before the date for having the meals,

and by the previous day for drinks.


This is the video of Charlotte from Australia visited "Senko-no-Ie". Enjoy!