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I watched a topic of cute souvenirs given away for free at the badminton venue of Fukui National Sports Festival on TV news yesterday. They are small dolls of the event's official mascot "Hapiryu" made by Katsuyama citizens using waste shuttlecocks which are generated in large numbers in badminton competitions. Those also are scrap arts, aren't they?


Works using things treated as garbage such as discarded mechanical parts or driftwood, have unique textures. And, I'm attracted to the artists' imagination more than anything else.


The photo above shows works of a Japanese paper craft artist Kozue Kato, who lives in Fukui City. They are displayed in the exhibition held at Fukui Kougeisha Craft Gallery until October 15th. Their legs are waste materials of an eyeglasses factory, and the bodies are fallen chestnut burs in a park. Japanese paper is used for the eyeballs and head ornaments.