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Autumn Leaves in Kyoto -Tofukuji Temple-


Places to visit

The season for autumn leaves is finally starting, and it is one of the highlights of autumn in Japan. Especially in Kyoto, many visitors enjoy watching Japanese scenery which has old temples, shrines or traditional Japanese gardens, and the beautiful autumn leaves together.


Today, I would like to introduce some of the amazing spots for enjoying autumn leaves in Kyoto.



This is the video of 4K KAWATE “2017 Autumn Leaves in Kyoto TOFUKUJI [4K]”. Tofukuji Temple has such stunning autumn leaves that it has been listed third in a popularity ranking of autumn leaves spot in Kyoto. Especially, Tsutenkyo-bridge is as known as the best spot to view the autumn leaves there.


As you can see in the video that there are many visitors at Tofukuji Temple, so make sure to have enough time and patience to enjoy it.



Let’s take a look at top 5 popular autumn leaves spots in Kyoto for this year (2018).

*The ranking result is based on the numbers of searches done for each autumn leave spot in the website,

Autumn Leaves info. 2018 and popularity raking of Kyoto, researched by Jorudan Co., Ltd

(*only available in Japanese) from July 1st, 2017~December 31st, 2017



1.Kodaiji Temple

Peak: The middle of October ~the beginning of December

*Kodaiji Temple is the most popular spot for viewing the autumn leaves in Kyoto and visitors can enjoy the illuminated garden, the area around it and autumn leaves together.


2.Tofukuji Temple

Peak: The middle of November ~ the beginning of December

*It is said that the view of autumn leaves from Tsutenkyo-bridge is the best one at Tofukuji Temple.


3.Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

Peak: The middle of November~the beginning of December

*Kitano Tenmangu Shrine is covered by about 350 of the blazing yellow and red colors of maple leaves during the season of the autumn leaves. At night, visitors can enjoy the illuminated colorful maple leaves and bamboo forest.


4.Eikando Temple

Peak: The middle of November~the beginning of December

*Eikando is called “Eikando of Momiji” in an affectionate way. The reflection of orange and yellow autumn leaves, and the hall of Eikando on the pond are amazing.


5.Rurikoin Temple

Peak: October 1st~December 10th

*It is stunning to see the garden of Rurikoin Temple, covered with the autumn leaves which looks like a painting.


In Kyoto, visitors can enjoy viewing autumn leaves, shrine or temples at the same time.

I’m sure that it lets the visitors feel Japan and the nature.