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Recommendation of Italian restaurant in Fukui City "iL bosco"



I sometimes go to the Il bosco as it is not so far from my house.
The other day, I went there for lunch with friends.
The following are some of dishes that we had that day.


Appetizer sampler


Hot and fresh focaccia is put in a wooden box and served.
Focaccia can be taken out.


Pizza with prosciutto and arugula grown in Awara City


Homemade tagliatelle with bacon and spinach in cream sauce


Sauteed Spanish chestnut pork with Marsala sauce


Dessert: Pistachio semifreddo


Inside the restaurant is filled with customers.


The appearance of Il bosco


The signboard


Each dish is authentic Italian cuisine and so good. Although Il bosco is not such a big restaurant, it has many staff, so they serve customers well. They provide a special lunch menu on weekdays. You should make a reservation on weekends. (H.S)