Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui



The Japanese film "One Cut of the Dead"




Another lovely Japanese film was brought into the world.
It is the "One Cut of the Dead" finally released in Fukui as well.


At the beginning, I thought that it was the first time for me to see a Japanese film whose casts are all unknown actors and I was a little nervous about that. So I wondered that I was fixed on film's stereotype, but it was only momentary, and I felt drawn into the film more and more.


By the way, Koji Ichihashi, a producer of the film, was from Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture. And, Shinichiro Ueda, the director, was from Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture, where is next to Fukui. So I feel a closer connection with the film.


When Ueda came to Fukui for the premiere, he said "The production cost was only three million yen, so our own making way made the film worthwhile. Also, the casts were all unknown, so the film became non-predictable." in an interview.


You can enjoy the film by various elements, and you could be happy after you saw the film.
Seeing is believing. No prior knowledge is necessary.
Please drop in a movie theater and just enjoy the world of the film. (H.S)