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Drone simulator


Production notes


I decided to use a simulator for practice drone manipulating.
I also use some mini-size quad copters so-called "Toy Drone", but frequent replacing batteries is bothersome.


I got a racing drone simulator software ($ 4.99 / about 555 yen), "FPV Freerider" . Transmitter is Futaba's T10J. I connected this to my MacBook with a simulator cable I bought from Amazon.


But how hard it is to control the aircraft with the simulator!
It is quite different from the drones I usually use for aerial photography and I cannot even hover normally. It took 2 days to get through the first gate.


I have gotten used to it little by little, but I don't know when it will be possible to turn the whole course.


I actually felt that what is called a drone is actually flying with a very delicate control.