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Mikuni Fireworks Festival 2018



*The video above was taken at Mikuni Fireworks Festival this year (2018).


Summer is almost over, and fall is soon to be here.

There are many enjoyable things to do during summer in Japan such as going to

summer festivals and/or fireworks festivals, swimming in the ocean,

enjoying Nagashi-somen (eating somen noodles with chopsticks as it runs down of water),

climbing mountains, wearing Yukata (Japanese summer kimono), etc.


I myself enjoyed some of these events this summer. I would like to share one of them.

Watching Mikuni Fireworks Festival was amazing!

It was held on August 11th at Mikuni Sunset Beach in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture.


It is an annual event which has been conducted since before World War Two.

Because it is the largest fireworks festival in Hokuriku region, many people come to

Mikuni every year. It is known that the venue of the Mikuni fireworks becomes extremely

crowded, people have hard time watching the fireworks, walking and/or driving around it.

Some people who want to watch it closely on the beach, they even go to the beach early in the morning, stay there all day just to watch the 1 hour of fireworks!


I arrived at the venue as the festival began and it was very crowded.

I thought it was too late to find a good spot to enjoy the fireworks.

I even thought that I wouldn’t be able to watch it.


Luckily, although I had to keep standing, I found a good spot where I could see

the fireworks clearly.


Now, I know that if you don’t mind watching it without sitting, you can always find a good spot even after the fireworks festival starts.


mikuni fireworks4
mikuni fireworks5

As the fireworks festival began, large fireworks were set off with unique announcement and music. As much I was impressed by the fireworks, it was enjoyable to hear the unique announcement which had its own way of introducing each firework as well.


The powerful sound of the fireworks was impressive.



mikuni fireworks1
mikuni fireworks2
mikuni fireworks3


If you have a chance to visit Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture on August 11th,

I recommend watching the Mikuni Fireworks Festival.