Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui



Fukui City Central Park reopened fully for the first time in four years


Life in Fukui

"Horiwari (canal) Plaza", which reproduces the stone wall of Fukui Castle Ninomaru moat. The prefectural office built in the Fukui Castle ruins can be seen in the background.


"Sannomaru Nishibori (west outer moat) Waterscape" completed two years ago.


The fence that covered the southern part of the Fukui City Central Park was removed, and the park was fully reopened for the first time in four years. The outlook is better and brighter than before.


On the west side of the park, there is "Sannomaru Nishibori Waterscape", which reproduced the scenery of the moat with a shallow pond two years ago, and in addition to that, "Horiwari Plaza", where the stone wall of the same height as in Edo era was reproduced by the same construction method at that time was completed a few days ago. And the whole park was reborn with history as the theme.


The remaining problem to be solved, I think, is where the prefectural office in the center of the Fukui Castle ruins will move.