Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui



"Melody Fair" written by Natsu Miyashita, which is filled with Fukui dialect




The main character, Yuino works as a beauty expert at a beauty counter in a shopping center in Fukui. Ms. Miyashita was born and lives in Fukui City, so when I wonder "Probably
Ms. Miyashita modeled on that shopping center?", I feel the novel familiar to me.


The title "Melody Fair" means "Melody Fair" of The Bee Gees.
The song makes me feel nostalgic because it was the theme song of a British film "Melody"(1971), which was very popular in Japan as well.
In the novel, the song is played on the closing time of the shopping center where Yuino works.


The story depicts, in a subdued manner, Yuino's work and life at home.
In the story, Fukui dialect gives it snap.


I thought that people from other prefectures couldn't understand Fukui dialect,
but unexpectedly they may be able to understand in a context of a story.
Anyway, Ms. Miyashita used native Fukui dialect without reserve in the story.
Also, through the characters, she expressed disagreement with strange Japanese which young people use lately.


It was a novel which I could relax with Fukui dialect, brought back memories of a childhood that everyone else has, and could realize the magic of makeup. (H.S)