Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui



Restaurant you can enjoy Spanish and French dishes together in Fukui "Le PLUS MUCHO"



“Le PLUS MUCHO” opened last year. Two chefs, one who loves Spain and Spanish food and the other does France and French food, started the restaurant. The other day, I went there for lunch for the first time.


They have two ‘set-lunches’ and I ordered paella course. The other is meat dish. For dinner, they have tapas and homemade sausages, so you can have a pleasant meal with wine. (H.S)


Salad of seasonal vegetables (A friend put a marinade salmon on it.)  


Paella is served with an individual-sized pan.


Dessert ‘Nougat glace’ was delicious.


It has a simple design with a high ceiling.


The entrance