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Drone school


Production notes

I give lessons at the spacious ski slope of Karigahara ski area in Katsuyama City.


Practicing 'Compulsory flying' with the mark on the ground.


Since I've been using drone for taking videos, I became an instructor of drone as well.


Although it is often misunderstood, there is no so-called ’public license’ to manipulate drone, and in principle anyone can fly one.
However, for safety reasons, there are restrictions on places where you can freely fly it. Whether it is a hobby or a job, if you want to fly at a certain place, you need to receive 'permission / approval' of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
And I give lessons to get this permission / approval.


The lessons are held on applicant's preferred dates on a one-to-one basis.
People with various professions came for various purposes such as aerial photographing, surveillance, inspection and so on.
It is one of my pleasures to hear the stories of those people.