Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui



Ladies' tresses blooming over the grass yard of Starland Sakadani (Ono City, Fukui Prefecture)

I was not able to focus precisely on ladies' tresses flower with a smartphone.


Of course, Starland Sakadani is famous for sunflower fields at this time, but yesterday I was also attracted to the ladies' tresses blooming all over the grass yard.
Unlike sunflowers, this flower is treated as weeds, but it also tells steadily of the arrival of summer.
It's attractive to watch carefully the adorable color and its geometric spiral shape.
Incidentally, in Japanese, this flower is called "Nejibana" (spiral flower).


Starland Sakadani in full view
A lot of ladies' tresses were in bloom in the central square.
At the bottom of the photo is a sunflower field.


Of course, sunflowers are also in full bloom.