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“Keihatsuroku” written by Sanai Hashimoto at the age of 15



“Keihatsuroku” is a guideline for Sanai’s own life consisting of five clauses below.
It still has been read by people as a teaching which can be adapted even today.


1.Stop being childish and dependent
2.Feel motivated
3.Set a goal
4.Learn from excellent persons
5.Value good friends


I referred to the book by Yoh Ishikawa for this blog


Sanai Hashimoto, who was born in Fukui City, went to Osaka when he was 15 years old, studied Western medical science under Koan Ogata at Tekijuku. At the Tekijuku, although it is not known since when, a rumor that Sanai goes somewhere in the middle of the night had spread. Some even said that he might have seduced by somebody. But, in fact, he was examining poor sick people who lived under Tenma Bridge.


Sanai wrote with a strong determination from his soul in the “Keihatsuroku” when he was 15 years old. He read the “Keihatsuroku” again just before he was executed at the age of 25, he added “No need to correct even a single word” in it. And, 18 years after that, when Takamori Saigo died in war at Shiroyama, he had a letter from Sanai.


[Sanai’s death poem]
I greatly regret because I was unable to prove my lord’s innocence.
When I lie down in prison, I am sad and my heart aches.
When I raise my head, I get lost in thought.
Last night, we had the first frost of the season in Edo.
Who knows my heart would never fade?


Just as Sanai was about to be executed, he sobbed. It was not because he was sad or scared, but he regretted as he could not see how Fukui and Japan would be and could not help any more.


Such 25 year-old knowledgeable and brightest young person had to make a death poem should not be allowed to happen again. If Sanai had saved from execution and acted as a young leader, the history of Fukui and Japan might have been different. I should not forget that an outstanding figure Sanai Hashimoto lived in Fukui and his way of living. (H.S)


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