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Fireworks (Hanabi) Festival 2018 -The Most Popular Fireworks Display in Fukui-



This video is a digest version of the 12th Echizen City Summer Festival Fireworks Display which was held on August 15th, 2017. Please enjoy.
*The ranking result of the Echizen City Summer Festival Fireworks Display is from 2017.



Japanese summer dress Yukata
Kyoto Gion Festival

There are several amazing traditional events during summer time in Japan such as summer festivals, fireworks display, traditional dance parties, etc.




Today, I would like to introduce one of the Japanese traditional summer events, fireworks display. Let’s see the top 3 firework displays in Fukui Prefecture for this year (2018).

*The ranking result is based on the numbers of searches done for each fireworks display in the website,Fireworks display (*only available in Japanese) from May 1st~December 31st, 2017.



1 Wakasa Oi no Super Ogase (Ogase=big torch)

Scheduled date and time: August 4th, 2018, from 19:00~21:00

*From 12:00, there will be performances of characters (characters of animated cartoons on TV, or those of squadron series, etc) held, various local food stands will be scattered throughout in the venue.

Venue: Narumi, Umimpia Oi

Location: Narumi, Oi-cho, Oi-gun, Fukui

*3 minute walk from JR Wakasa Hongo Station

For more information:


3 reasons why you should visit Wakasa Oi no Super Ogase (Ogase=big torch)

1. It is very impressive to see about 70 young men carry, push and turn the burning Ogase (big torch) around by the ocean. The big torch is 20 meters (about 66 feet) tall and 1 ton. As the fire on the big torch begins to fade, they push it into the ocean.

2. In only 30 minutes without any break, they shoot 10,000 fireworks on the sea and around it.

3. The performance of “drum of flame” (Oi blaze) is powerful and entertaining.



2 Toro nagashi (sending off the spirits of the dead on lanterns floated on the waters of sea) and Tsuruga fireworks display

Scheduled date and time: August 16th, 2018, from 19:30~21:30

*Toro nagashi starts from 18:30~

Venue: The beach by Kehi no Matsubara (Pine Tree Park)

Location: Matsushima-cho, Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture

*By bus: Take the Matsubara-sen line Commnunity Bus from JR Tsuruga Station to Kehi no Matsubara Bus Stop (Approximately 12 minutes)

*By bus: Take the Tsuruga Excursion Line Bus from JR Tsuruga Station to Matsubara Coast Bus Stop (Approximately 15 minutes)

For more information: Tsuruga Tourism Association Tsuruga Guide


3 reasons why you should visit Toro nagashi and Tsuruga fireworks display

1. It is sunning to see about 6,000 of a red, blue and yellow lanterns abound in the seashore while a Buddhist monk chanting a Sutra.

2. They shoot 13,000 fireworks on the ocean and around it. The number of fireworks is the largest in the Sea of Japan area.

3. The venue is at the beach by Kehi no Matsubara (chosen as one of the 3 greatest pine tree parks in Japan)



3 Echizen City Summer Festival Fireworks Display

Scheduled date and time: August 15th, 2018, from 19:00~21:00

Venue: Hino River in Murakuni, Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture

*5 minute walk from JR Takefu Station

For more information:



4 reasons why you should visit Echizen City Summer Festival Fireworks Display

1. The location of the fireworks display is great. Since the location to see the fireworks is extended over a large area, so the festival-goers can see it from several places such as the riverside, bridges, streets, mountains, etc.

2. Because there are several places to see the fireworks from, the crowd does not concentrate in one or two places. Overcrowding isn’t a problem, they can enjoy it comfortably.

3. The venue and the places around it are very close to Takefu train stations (there are JR Takefu station and Echizen Railway’s Echizen Takefu station.)

4. The venue is surrounded by mountains so the sounds of the fireworks echoes in Echizen City. The sound of the Echizen fireworks is one of the highlights.



I saw Echizen City Summer Festival Fireworks Display last year, so I would like to see a different one this year. I am planning to go see it in Wakasa or Tsuruga.


If you have a chance to visit Fukui during summer time, how about enjoying the fireworks display as well?