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Going to the pottery class in Kanaz Forest of Creation


Life in Fukui

I have been joining Kanaz Forest of Creation pottery class for last several years, and there is a class of July this week. Although it is 'class', they allow me to do as I like because I'm an experienced member.

So recently I do pottery without knowing what I can finally make. 
Like improvisations? No, I guess that is just a child playing with clay.


It costs 22,000 yen per year, and a total of 10 classes are held for 2 consecutive days once a month (closed in August and January). Besides that, members can use the studio for free at any time and so it seems some of the members go there almost every day.


When I came back to Fukui I also felt about the use fee of the tennis court, it is a pleasing point that adults do not need to spend much money on their playing compared to urban areas.


Vase. It may not look so, though.


Greenware, partially engobe decorated