Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui



SAMURAI BLUE fought their best



Our samurais’ fight at the FIFA World Cup 2018 is over.
They advanced to the final 16 for the first time in two tournaments and
whole nation has been filled with excitement, but a ruthless ending was to befall them.
How frustrated they were!
With football, it is said that leading 2-0 poses the highest risk.


Until they lost a point in the game with Belguim, they looked like they were in a ‘zone’ (intense concentration).
I think ‘zone’ means being:


*sharpen senses


However, the ‘zone’ may be disappeard by a brief moment of inattention like a spell is broken.


Although it’s very difficult for me to understand their chagrin, I think that a strong spirit will born when they get over it.


Thank you, the Japanese national team, coach Nishino and staff.
I am looking forward to the next World Cup. (H.S)


Photo is from the official Twitter of the FIFA World Cup @FIFAWorldCup
The Inui’s back shot had me in tears.
At any rate, his middle-range shot was amazing!