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Young swallow


Random thoughts


The above is a picture I took at Rokko Mountain the other day. It is not so clear but there are four swallows on the branch.


Several young a little slender swallows are also singing a lot around my house in Fukui City.


Although it is a natural scene and so I have not thought about it in particular, swallows are decreasing and some prefectures designated them as endangered species.


I hope these young birds will grow safely and return here, and that they will remain familiar birds forever.


By the way, the word "young swallow" also means young lovers of older women in Japan.


The origin is that a young painter who became the husband of a female liberation activist Raicho Hiratsuka supposedly expressed himself as such. However, the impression of the word I read in the novel "Beauty in Disarray" is stronger for me, and in that book, the word was said by Raicho.


I read the book long time ago and I hardly remember the story, but I still think that the title "Beauty in Disarray" is a proper saying.