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Picture book museum of Satoshi Kako


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Satoshi Kako, who was a picture book author from Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture, died at the age of 92 on May 2nd. It is unimaginable from his generous picture books, but he was a militaristic young person who aimed to be a fighter pilot during the war. However, he had bad eyesight and gave up becoming a pilot. His classmates who aimed to be a pilot became Kamikaze pilots and died. He regretted from the heart about his judgement and hopeed that children wouldn’t have a mistaken idea. So, he devotedly continued creative activities for children until right before his death. He was truly a person of strong conviction.


Although he was already 92 years old, I believed that he would continue being well yet.
I wanted to commemorate him and to feel the world of his works, so I went to the “Picture book museum of Satoshi Kako” located in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture.


When I got its parking lot, I found that there were a few cars from other prefectures.
Inside the museum, it was impressive that not only families but also even adults were quietly reading picture books by Satoshi Kako.


You can read his popular series, “Human”, which is known for its precise description
and “Beautiful paintings”, which introduced famous paintings by Gogh and Picasso there.
Also, they sell items related to Kako’s books. On the second floor, the original drawings by Mr. Kako and I knew that he was a serious and well-organized person. I was moved by the fact that how great he was. (H.S)


The signboard of the museum


At the entrance, a photo of Mr. Kako and the familiar characters of his books welcome you.


There are “Daruma” characters on the wall as well.


There was a message corner for Mr. Kako. (Until end of June)


The appearance of the museum


A sign saying “Don’t follow strangers!” at the parking lot.
The“Daruma” has a strong impact, doesn’t it?