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Arigato Sake, “Kokuryu Adoso” -The Perfect Gift for Thanking Someone-



Kokuryu Adoso

On May 30th, 2018 “Kokuryu Adoso” of this year has been released. Kokuryu Adoso is the official name of a sake from Kokuryu brewery, and it is also known as “Arigato Sake”. Arigato means “thank you” in Japanese. This is the perfect gift for thanking someone special such as family members, friends, wives, husbands and so on.


Kokuryu Adoso is the sake which has been brewed with the rice planted and harvested during Arigato Project.



Rice planting

Arigato Project is the project in which the participants plant and harvest rice, and learn about more detail of the quality of sake. The participants also watch fireflies as well. Since fireflies can only live in the area which has clean water and air, the participants learn that rich nature is necessary for making sake rice. They learn not only about Japanese sake, but they also learn about the value of connection with others and the charms of Japan and Fukui.



Rice harvesting
An American man is rice harvesting

And at the end of the Arigato Project, they receive finished sake and give the sake to people whom they want to thank to.


The taste of the Kokuryu Adoso for this years is very smooth and mellow with refresh and sweet aftertaste.


How about giving Kokuryu Adoso to people who are special in your life and you want to thank them?



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