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Kokuryu Kijoshu Sake-The elegant and luxurious sake-



I had Kokuryu Kijoshu sake which was just released at the end of May of this year.


kokuryu kijoshu 

A 150ml glass bottle fits in the palm of an adult hand. The color of the bottle is black, and it has a red label with a printed metallic design. I like the stylish bottle. Since some of sake breweries in Japan such as Kokuryu brewery take so much time and effort for making nice labels and bottles, you can enjoy looking at the bottles as much as you enjoy sake.


The Kokuryu Kijoshu has lusciously sweet and fruity flavor. It leaves a clean and refreshing aftertaste. The kijoshu reminds me of a sherry or port with a honey/nutty aroma.


For the 5th anniversary party of “Arigato Project” (The project of making sake and learn about it.) which I visited on May 27th, 2018, I saw the nice Kokuryu Kijosh lined up on tables. Since the kijoshu is very sweet, I thought that it would be popular among women, but I saw many men pick bottles, look at the design and enjoy drinking it.

I asked them how the sake was. They said that even thought the taste of the sake is very sweet but the after taste of it is very refreshing, so they liked it very much.


If you have a chance to try Kokuryu Kijoshu, enjoy it!





What is Kijoshu?

Kijoshu is a type of sake which is brewed by using sake instead of water.



What is "Arigato Project"?

Arigato project participants in front of Kokuryu brewery

A project to pass on Japanese sake to the next generation. In this project, young people who are age of 20 to 30, residents of Fukui prefecture or employees or students in Fukui take one year to make their own sake.

Arigato project 2017 rice planting

Arigato project 2017 rice planting

They make the sake from rice planting and after one year, they give the sake to the people whom they want to give thanks to.


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For more information about Kokuryu

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