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Talk show about Japanese solitary confidential agent Kei Wakaizumi

The other day, I went to listen to a talk show about a scholar in international politics, Kei Wakaizumi(1930 – 1996) , who was born in Fukui Prefecture. Mr. Ryuichi Teshima, who is a foreign diplomacy journalist and knew Wakaizumi, gave a talk.


Mr. Teshima during the talk


At the opening of the show, the host gave a talk that 21 years passed after the death of Wakaizumi and the numbers of people who know his achievement have declined, also four years later, it will mark the 50th anniversary of Okinawa’s reversion to Japan, so he wanted to spread Wakaizumi’s thoughts much more widely for the occasion. He said that Wakaizumi was just like Kissinger in Japan but Mr. Teshima objected to only about it because the two men’s personality was very different.


As I wrote about Wakaizumi on our blog before, Japanese confidential agent for Okinawa’s reversion, he looked quiet, calm and humble despite he was under immeasurable pressure.


Also, there is an exhibit like this related to Wakaizumi in Fukui International Activities Plaza.


Mr. Teshima said that Wakaizumi is not history and he still shows a controversy which we should face, and Okinawa’s reversion to Japan would be delayed so badly without Wakaizumi. Also, his thought has been handed down through Mr. Shotaro Yachi, who is an early disciple of Wakaizumi and the first head of Japan’s National Security Council.


Coincidentally, a North-South summit was held for the first time in 11 years. If Wakaizumi were alive, what would he think about the situation? What will happen to the U.S. military bases in Okinawa, which Wakaizumi was deeply distressed? I want to see the transition period of this rare international situation carefully. (H.S)


[Profile of Mr. Ryuichi Teshima]
Former NHK political correspondent. During the Gulf War, he reported from the front line.
When 9.11 occurred, he had a live at the site for 11 days night and day. He retired from NHK in 2005 and the following year, he published Japan's first intelligence novel which was a big hit. Now, he teaches younger people about foreign diplomacy and security at a university and a foreign diplomacy research institution. 68 years old.