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Visting the third best dinosaur museum in the world! -Bhutanese Family Visiting Fukui-


Places to visit

I visited FPDM (Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum) and Seidaiji Temple to see Echizen Daibutsu (the great Buddha of Echizen) with Mr. Ugyen Dorji and his family.



Mr. Ugyen Dorji he is studying as a teacher trainee from Bhutan at University of Fukui since around October of 2017. And at the end of March of 2018, his family arrived in Japan as well.


First, we went to FPDM (Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum). There are not many museums that specializes in dinosaurs in the world and this museum is one of them. And this is the third best dinosaur museum in the world. 80% of the dinosaur fossils found in Japan are from Fukui Prefecture.


There are 44 complete dinosaur skeletons exhibited in the museum and it would you feel as if you are enjoying a dinosaur dictionary in real life. Explanations in Japanese and English are available for the exhibitions, so it can be a good educative experience for you as well.



a long escalator near the entrance of museum

When you enter the museum, you go down to the basement by taking a 35 meters long escalator.

There are only a few escalators in Bhutan, so Mr. Ugyen Dorji and his family were very excited to take that long escalator.



Mr. Ugyen Dorji and his family walking through Dino Street

After reaching the basement, we went through “Dino Street”. There were fossils exhibited beautifully on both side of the wall.



inside of the museum is very large
Mr. Ugyen Dorji and his son are amazed by the large museum and its exhibitions

Mr. Ugyen Dorji and his son were amazed by “Dinosaur World” which is a huge oval-shaped space without pillars (84 meters long, 55 meters wide and 35.7 meters height).



inside of the museum
powerful-looking dinosaur
inside of the museum is very large
Mr. Ugyen Dorji's son and a Japanese young girl in front of the large screen

In “Dinosaur World”, there are 44 complete dinosaur skeletons. You can also enjoy “Biology of Dinosaurs”, “Dino Theater” with 200-inch screen, “Forests during the dinosaur age” with moving dinosaurs, and “Dinosaurs of Japan and Asia”. They all look extremely powerful. How the museums was built with a great sound system, somehow you can hear the echo of your voice and dinosaur howling. You would feel as if you are in the Jurassic period.



Mr. Ugyen Dorji and his son and wife

Mr.Ugyen’s son was getting a bit scared but more than that, he was having fun.



natural stones which are very beautiful

There are also rocks, minerals and gemstones exhibited.
You can see how they conduct researches strata.



Mr. Ugyen Dorji and his family, his son was still very excited after getting out of the museum

Everyone seemed to have fun. Even after we went out of the museum, Mr. Ugyen Dorji’s son was still excited. He is usually quiet and shy but he was laughing and running alot.


How about visiting FDPM ((Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum) when you have a chance?


Next, we headed to Seidaiji Temple to see Echizen Daibutsu (the Great Buddha of Echizen) which is 10 minutes away from the museum by a car.
Stay tuned for more blogs about Mr. Ugyen Dorji and his family’s experiences in Japan.





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