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Recommendation of a trip to a remote island | Miyako Island #2



Miyako Island is connected with surrounding Ikema Island, Irabu Island, Shimoji Island and Kurima Island by bridges. Irabu-ohashi Bridge was opened three years ago. It boasts its total length of 3,540 meters and it is the longest bridge in Japan as a toll-free one.
This time, I crossed the Irabu-ohashi Bridge and Kurima-ohashi Bridge.


Tori-ike Pond
Tori-ike Pond are actually two ponds located in Shimoji Island next to Irabu Island.
The two ponds are connected underground, and furthermore connected to the sea. In fact,
I have heard that a diver sometimes emerges from the water. I can see its deepness as the water color is dark. Looking at the pond, I feel a little fear, and it’s a really mysterious pond. By the way, the red antennas in the distance of the photo shows there is an airport there.
It is Shimoji Island Airport which is used exclusively for touch-and-go training of civilian pilots. Recently, it seems the training has rarely done but on that day, I could see a plane circling many times. I realized that pilot’s training was hard work. As it turned out afterwards, it was a Vanilla Air’s plane. Indeed, the Shimoji Island Airport plans to have flights of low-cost carriers. Come to think of it, I saw some hotels under construction. Many cruise ships already made a stop at Miyako Island, but frankly I don’t want the island to be crowded with tourists.


Hibiscuses in a farm shop “Utopia Farm Miyakojima”
Hibiscus has more than 250 species.
Many kinds of hibiscuses were in bloom beautifully in the farm.


Bougainvaillea in the farm was spectacular!
When you visit Miyako Island, please stop by the farm.
And fruit desserts at the parlor in the farm are delicious.


Live show at an izakaya
The yellow kimono made in Miyako Island is brilliant.


Finally, please enjoy spectacular view of Miyako Island by drone. (H.S)