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Recommendation of a trip to a remote island | Miyako Island #1



Last weekend, I went to the Miyako Island for the first time in a year.
It was my fourth visit to the island.
So, it was something of a homecoming, I fit into the atmosphere of the island and became familiar with the town.


Of course, I like other islands of Okinawa, but I think that the Miyako Island Sea is the most beautiful. And, if you stay in a hotel in the city center, many izakayas with live Okinawan music are accessible by foot, which is very convenient.


If you want to get away from your busy daily life and relax in an island somewhere,
how about going to Miyako Island? (H.S)


Yonaha Maehama beach is well known as the most beautiful beach in the orient.
All Japan Trialthon Miyakojima is going to be held on April 22nd and it starts from the beach.
In the hotel lobby I stayed, big cartons that look like with bikes inside of the participants had started to arrive.


When I come to Okinawan islands, Orion beer first anyway!


Peanut tofu, which I like very much.


Water basin with hibiscus
Only southern islands could this.


Miyako Island’s folk song live by Miwa Yonashiro at an izakaya in Miyako Island
(taken on April 13th)