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What has changed recently in the center of Fukui city


Life in Fukui

Fukui-joshi Daimyo-machi stop

I noticed that the name of this tram stop had changed, walking in the center of Fukui city this afternoon.
It has been renamed to "Fukui-joshi Daimyo-machi"(Daimyo-machi town of Fukui castle ruins) on 24th March from that was "Shiyakusho-mae"(Fukui City Hall) for many years.


Fukui castle ruins Yamazatoguchi-gomon gate

On the same day, the "Yamazatoguchi-gomon gate" which was under restoration at the Fukui Castle ruins was completed, and you can now take a walk from the "Orokabashi bridge" to inside of the castle ruins through "Yamazatoguchi-gomon gate".
It is a few minutes on foot from the "Fukui-joshi Daimyo-machi" stop to here. Even if walking from Fukui station, it takes at most about 10 minutes.


Looking into the moat at the corner of the "Orokabashi bridge", the big carp were swimming slowly.


Sakura-dori street in Fukui city
Today it was announced that cherry blossoms in Fukui city are in full bloom from meteorological observatory. The picture above is of the "Sakura-dori street" which is close to our office and also close to Fukui castle ruins. Fukui is now full of cherry blossoms.