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Sakura-dori street, a band of cherry blossoms that runs through Fukui city


Life in Fukui


On the street in front of our office in the center of Fukui city, the buds of cherry trees look begining to bloom.
This street crosses Fukui City from east to west, and is called "Sakura-dori street",
because all the trees planted along the road from end to end which is about 8.2 km are cherry trees.
The trees are still small at the end of the road, but around the center of the city they are big and will be quite gorgeous as they bloom.
Though you can't open your lunchboxes under them because it is an ordinary road, you can enjoy cherry-blossom viewing while you are in the car or while walking.
Further, you can find a band of cherry blossoms that runs through the city,
seeing from Mt.Asuwa-yama which is known for cherry blossoms too and not so far from here.