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The girl in Bhutan Museum Fukui's poster visited Fukui!! - Enjoying dinosaurs and planetarium on January 25th, 2018 -



Ms. Sonam in Fukui City smiling even it was so bright from the sunlight reflected on snow

On January 25th, 2018, I saw some snow on the street and it was very cold. Even the weather was not great, Ms. Sonam had smiles on her face and enjoyed her day.


The Sun came out from between the clouds occasionally and the sunlight was hitting the snow.



dinosaurs in front of Fukui station
dinosaurs in front of Fukui station

She was excited to see replicas of real dinosaurs, and she was also surprised to hear its howling.



Ms. Sonam Choki's first experience in the planetarium



Ms. Sonam Choki took a photograph in front of the theatre after enjoying the planetarium

After watching the replicas of dinosaurs, we went to see a planetarium show in a building called Happiring near Fukui station. It was the first time to see the planetarium show and she was amazed to see it. She said that it was so much fun and beautiful.


She said that since she arrived in Japan, it had brought her endless surprises.


Stay tuned for our next blog about Ms. Sonam’s stay in Fukui.




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