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Visiting "Winter Restaurant for wild birds" again

On the morning of February 28, I went to the "Winter Restaurant for wild birds" of Fukui Prefecture Nature Conservation Center again. Normally this event ends today, but this year we have a lot of snow so it will be held until the end of March.


I heard that squirrels came just before I arrived. Unfortunately I could not see squirrels, but I could see Kogera (Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker) and Gojukara (Sitta europaea) that I could not see last time and Akagera made its appearance for a longer time than before.


Kogera (Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker)
Kogera (Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker), the first time I saw it


Gojukara (Sitta europaea)
Gojukara (Sitta europaea), barely able to take photo


Akagera (Great spotted woodpecker) and Tsugumi (thrush)
Akagera (Great spotted woodpecker) VS. Tsugumi (thrush)


Hiyodori (Bulbul)
Hiyodori (Bulbul), that loves fruit


Yamagara (Varied tit)
Yamagara (Varied tit), who kept still unusually


Winter Restaurant for Wildbirds
Winter Restaurant for Wildbirds