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Fukui Shrine in the snowy morning


Life in Fukui

Fukui Shrine in the snowy morning

This snowy morning, I just walked into Fukui Shrine in the Fukui castle ruins.


Beside the hurrying crowd,
I could enjoy a quiet air and felt even more divineness
in the precincts that is beautifuly covered with snow.


The buildings are modern style of bare concrete.
Though it was totaly made of cypress originally,
after being burned down in the WW2,
it was rebuilt as a new architectural style shrine for the coming era.


Looking at the torii of a form that I had never seen before,
I was interested in that it is not only a reproduction of the past,
but designed towards the future.
It also reminded me of the churches that Le Corbusier or Tadao Ando designed.


However, It has unfortunately no permanent chief priest.
The other day a shrine man said to me,
"Of course they have been trying to manage it,
this shrine belongs to the highest rank among the many shrines in Fukui prefecture,
and ordinary priests can't play the role."


Besides the shrine there is the moat of Fukui castle ruins
Besides the shrine there is the moat of Fukui castle ruins.


A monument of Fukui Shrine
The monument shows the shrine is the highest rank.


From inside of Fukui Shrine precincts
People commute outside the precincts.