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A Girl from Bhutan -Miraculous Reunion-



A photographer from Ono City, Fukui visited Bhutan and met a girl there and it was 9 years ago.
They said goodbye without asking each other’s information. They both had no idea who they were and where they lived, and many years went by.


After 9 years later, miraculously, they finally saw each other again on January 22nd, 2018.


Sonam Choki from Bhutan, when she was 14 years old


9years ago, a photographer, Munekazu Matta saw a group of Bhutanese children by chance while he was visiting Bhutan. The children were on their way going home from their school. All of the children in the group were very cute but there was a girl who caught Mr. Matta’s eyes the most. That girl was Sonam Choki. She was only 14years old at that time and she was a student of Middle Secondary School in BUMTHANG.


Mr. Matta took photographs of Ms. Sonam and her friends. And one of the photographs that he took that day, was used for Bhutan Museum’s poster.



According to Mr. Matta, as Bhutan Museum was founded in 2012, many people said “who is this girl?” but no one knew who she was. They tried looking for her, but they could not find her. Many years went by again.


Finally, last year, the founder of the museum, Genji Nosaka contacted Bhutan to find her.
The secretary of the king of Bhutan said that it would not be that difficult for them to find her because there are only two types of school uniforms in Bhutan. The clothing that Ms. Sonam was wearing in the photograph above was one of the school uniforms. They helped Mr. Nosaka finding her.


And finally, the day had come.


As Ms. Sonam’s sister was checking one of Bhutan related Facebook pages randomly, she saw a photograph of her sister, Ms. Sonam. And with the photograph, it said that “do you know her? We are looking for this girl”.


Ms. Sonam contacted the secretary and told her that it was her who was in the photograph. And then, she was invited to the palace. After that, as you can imagine, it brought endless surprises.



Sonam Choki who is now 23 years old

Finally, on January 20th, 2018, Ms. Sonam was invited to Fukui.

And then…


Munekazu Matta, photographer who took the photograph of Sonam Choki 9 years ago and Ms. Sonam

Though they never thought they would see each other again, miraculously, they did!

Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs about Ms.Sonam’s stay in Fukui.




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