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The film “A Street Cat Named Bob"



I saw such a lovely film which was a perfect one for this time of year.
The film “A Street Cat Named Bob” is based on a miraculous true story which was about a street musician in London and a stray cat Bob.


The leading actor, Luke Treadaway‘s natural acting is very good. Although he acts a fragile drug-addicted man, he makes me feel “He will be all right. I am sure that he will be able to retrieve himself.” I wonder it’s because of his eyes. Besides, Joanne Froggatt, who played Anna in “Downton Abbey”, played a strict and gentle woman in the film too.


And, after all, Bob!
Bob himself plays Bob in the film!
What a clever and cute cat! He is really a good boy.
Bob was always beside James when he performs on streets, sells THE BIG ISSUE and even when he was suffered from withdrawal.


The camera work through the eyes of a cat is interesting and it depicts how cats live well.
Especially, I understood completely James’s depression when Bob had gone missing.
Because I have the same experience.
I am sure that the film makes everyone happy at the end. (H.S)


Award : National Film Awards UK – Best British Film : 2017



Bob appears on the cover of THE BIG ISSUE JAPAN with a special edition
“Bob and James go to Tokyo”.
FYI, VOL. 316 which Bob first appeared is sold out!
And, Bob has London Underground’s commuter pass.


”Fukui saving dogs and cats team” displays the panel and a donation box is placed
during the period of the film showing.