Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui



Spreading the charms of Fukui to the world! -Visiting Ichijodani Asakura Clans Ruins Part-2 - Let more foreigners come visit Fukui!


Places to visit

map of tourist places in Fukui Prefecture

Source:Travel Information of Echizen and Wakasa in Fukui Prefecture from Fukui Tourism Guide


There are many places that are very interesting and attractive for people to visit in Fukui. However, I often hear that not too many people visit Fukui. I would like more people to know about our beautiful city and come here to visit.


Julia, an intern from the USA at the Hotel Riverge Akebono

As I introduced in our previous blog (part-1), Julia, an intern from the USA at the Hotel Riverge Akebono, and I had a chance to talk about why not so many people visit Fukui.


She said that there are amazing places in Fukui but most of the places are difficult to get to. Even she wants to go to some places in Fukui by taking public transportation but there are no English signs and/or announcements on them.


When I took a local train in Fukui the other day, there was English guidance but not on local buses in Fukui. To visit many interesting places in Fukui, we need buses to reach them if we don’t drive, so I started remembering what Julia said. Some visitors from overseas would be ok going there without any English guidance but I’m sure for many of them it can be inconvenient. I had the same experience in the USA. There was no Japanese guidance on buses and trains and it was very inconvenient for me. After a few years, I was confident enough to ask people because I learned English, but before that, I did not event want to take buses and/or trains even though I wanted to go to many interesting places.


I hope people take what Julia said seriously to solve these problems and more people will want to visit Fukui.


Stay tuned for Part-3!





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You can see some tourist attractions and the directions to these places from the webpage, "Hotel Reiverge Akebono, Tourist attractions around our hotel".

Made by Julia during her internship, this webpage has directions that are easy to follow.

She researched these tourist attractions, before visiting them and experiencing

the charms of Fukui herself. I'm sure that this map will help you get around easier.


There is also a Japanese version of this webpage(only available in Japanese).

However, some of the places which are introduced on the Japanese webpage

are different to the English version that Julia made.